The Legion has two kinds of membership: active and auxiliary.

Active members meet weekly and do some voluntary work each week with a partner, such as visiting the sick and elderly in rest homes or hospitals. You need to be 18 years old and there is a trial period of 3 months.

Auxiliary or praying members are very important and they say a rosary daily along with some short prayers. Please consider joining such a wonderful organization. You are guaranteed many graces and blessings from Our Blessed Lady. The Legion is for men and women, young or old.

Any practicing Catholic who is willing to help in the lay apostolate may become a member. Attendance at a weekly meeting is essential, for it is here that the work is organized and prayer for that work is done. Senior legionaries must be 18 years and over. There are groups for ‘Juniors’ under this age. Each member is required to say a short prayer each day called the Catena and is encouraged to say the Rosary each day also. Active members are required to undertake some apostolic work set at the meeting.

Each new member brings ‘a talent’ that is unique. The body of the Legion supports us with a vast knowledge and expertise, that we share with each other, guided by the Holy Spirit and Mary.