Home appliances have come a long way, with more being added by the day due to advancements in technology. Appliances are mainly made to ensure that our everyday lives are much easier. From cooking to cleaning, every task has its equipment.

If you are moving into a new home, or just want to learn about the basic home appliances, here is a list for you. We took the time to categorize them into three broad groups.

Appliances every home should have

Living room


Every living room should have a television set, preferably the bigger the better.  A part from news and watching soap operas, TV’s are critical in that they serve as the primary source of entertainment at home. It brings people together, and facilities quality time together.


A good stereo system is the other must have in your living room. These days, you can find ones with quality sound for a few dollars. To enjoy good music, and water movies with a theater like an experience, invest in a stereo system. Getting a home theater is even better.

Media players

In today’s technological scene, there are so many entertainment mediums to choose from. However, why choose if you can have them all. Make sure that you get DVD players that support Blueray, TV boxes to play different media, and even chrome cast so that you can cast your phone videos and watch them on the big screen.



In the kitchen, a blender is a must have. To make healthy juices, or just a fresh fruit blend to chase down snacks with, you will need a blender. There are so many brands and makes to choose from. Just make sure to do your research so as to get the best one.


A toaster is a must have home appliance. Not everyone likes their bread soft, and that is why you need to have a toaster with you. You can use it to make stale bread palatable and enjoy it your favorite additives like butter or jelly.


Once you are done the cooking and eating, dish washing is the nest step. Rather than spend an hour and a half doing this tedious task, you can have a dishwasher do the work for you.


Washing machine

Unless you want to visit a laundry shop on a weekly basis; or go traditional with hand washing—then get a washing machine.

Iron box

An iron box is a must havelskndlkvnalskdvknaslkdvnlkansdvasdv for every home. You have to make sure that you complement your confidence with well-ironed clothes.