Solar energy for homes

Renewable energy is the future, and to be on the safe side, then you better start investing now. On a daily basis, we continue to rely on fossil fuel and exhausting it a very fast rate. This is very dangerous both to the environment and economy.

There are various solutions for homes when it comes to renewable energy, including solar, biogas, wind, and hydro-electric power. One of these magnificent sources of energy has been getting more traction in recent time, and we will take a look as to why that is the case. This article will be focusing on solar energy.

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It has been known for a while now that the amount of energy provided by the sun every day is more than enough to cater for all our energy needs on Earth. The two main used of solar energy is to produce electricity and heating waterΒ for domestic use.


Solar energy can be used to provide all the power a home needs. All it takes is buying all the right equipment and installing some solar panels. These panels can be placed on roofs, or specially mounted on open fields.

By using photovoltaic cells, solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity. This is then stored in batteries. Once the power is stored in batteries, it can be converted into AC power using a device called an inverter; which enables the power to be used by all home appliances.

Apart from a few maintenance; solar panels can provide electricity to a home for up to 20 years before major replacements are needed. Imagine not paying electricity bills for up to 20 years.

Water heating with solar

Water is heated using solar panels by absorbing the heat from the sun using the specially made equipment. The solar water heater is usually placed on roofs. During the day, it heats water for free stores it in tanks that keep the water warm and can be used on demand.



As seen in the explanations above, solar energy is cheap in the long run. It usually costs a lot to buy the equipment, but it is a one-time fee and can be easily recovered over time.

Good for the environment

Solar energy is very good for the environment. This is because it has no emissions that will contribute to global warming and harm the environment. Unlike petrol or diesel, using solar energy is much better.